COVID-19's spread throughout our state has caused severe issues from medical to financial. With the recent stay-at-home policies being issued, small businesses are not receiving the clientele needed to run their store. A loss of few weeks of profit can cause heartbreaking struggles for these places, who rely on the income to pay for rent, salaries, and more. During normal business, most places only have a margin of 3-5% and cannot sustain without costumers.

These small businesses act as the income for thousands of families in our area and COVID-19 can drive them to bankruptcy. We can invest in their gift certificates to allow them to be financially stable while still being aware of the safety and quarantine restrictions we hold. These cards will give them the money to stay afloat right now but allowing us to utilize the money after COVID-19 has died down. Above are many restaurants in the area you can purchase gift cards for (Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle, Kirkland).  Links have been attached and more places will be updated regularly. Note that all purchases are being made directly on the restaurant sites not on this website. Thank you for all your efforts during this tough time.

In addition, we are in strong support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and wish to provide our assistance by linking gift cards to many of the black-owned restaurants in the area. We hope you can play your part and support them through our gift cards or other means of donation/activism.


If you are aware of any other restaurants issuing gift cards or run a restaurant, please help us out and fill out the following form:


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